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*****  We, at Pilotcarz4u, have a "NO-TOLERANCE" policy  *****

*****      for pilot car owners who COST DRIVERS FINES      *****

*****         for NOT MEETING STATE REQUIREMENTS             *****

Ready to Go to Work?
We're always looking for experienced pilot car drivers!

Do you meet our qualifications?  If so, please fill out the application at the bottom of the page.

Properly maintained vehicle
  1. Windshield free of large cracks/heavy pitting
  2. All-weather tires w/good tread
  3. Proper fuel and oil levels maintained
  4. Current state registration & inspections 
  5. Commercial tags (if required in your state)
  6. Lights, horn, blinkers, brakes functioning properly w/ extra bulbs, fluids, etc.
  7. Full-size Spare tire w/jack
State required lighting and signs
  1. Avg beam requirement - 360 visibility/500 feet - 60" above roadway
  2. Roof signs (lighted/reflective if required) - bumper signs okay for approved states
  3. Proper signs for each state requirements
  4. Full lightbar where required
  5. 12"x60" safety yellow w/black "OVERSIZE LOAD" clearly visible (4x10 in. lettering)
Safety Equipment - up to date/good condition - (Check all states' requirements)
  1. Orange hard hat
  2. (2) Orange safety vest (Class 2 & Class 3)
  3. 18"-24" STOP/SLOW paddle
  4. (9) Reflective triangles
  5. (8) Burning flares
  6. Flashlight w/minimum 1.5" lens (extra batteries)
  7. 6-in minimum traffic wand
  8. (2) 10lb. Fire Extinguishers
  9. (3) 18-in. red/orange cones
  10. (4) 18-24 in. red/orange grommet flags
  11. (4) 18-24 in. red/orange flagstick
  12. (2) 18x72 Oversize Load signs
  13. 40 channel handheld CB radio /Two-way radio
  14. Emergency First Aid kit
Minimum of $1million liability insurance
  1. Recommended/Required - $1mil General Liability policy
  2. Pennsylvania listed as additional insured
State Required Certifications
Some of these have reciprocity with other states (Your responsibility to check updates)
  1. Colorado
  2. Arizona
  3. Florida
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Kansas
  6. North Carolina
  7. Washington
  8. Utah
  9. New York - No reciprocity w/ other states
State Required Vehicle and/or Equipment Inspection Sheets
  1. New Mexico
  2. Louisiana
  3. Florida
  4. Utah
Amber Light Permits - Annual
  1. Georgia
  2. Nevada
Height Pole Equipment/Usage Requirements
  1. Must be attached securely to front of vehicle
  2. No electronic sensors
  3. Video/Audio recording device

If you have all the equipment listed above; and you would like to be included on our list of available escorts - 

Please fill out the application below:  We'll review it and get back with you soon as we can.  Thank you.

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Company Name:
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Phone (Main)**:
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Years in industry**:
Vehicle 1 Make / Model**:
Vehicle 2 Make / Model:
More Vehicles:
Height Pole?**:
Steer / CDL?**:
Route Surveys?**:
Drivers License #**:
State - Exp. Date**:
Insurance Co**:
Amount $ / PA add-on?**:
Policy Number**:
GL Insurance?:
Tickets / Accidents Last 3 yrs**:
Have you been fired or left a load?**:
If yes, please explain:
Tell us a little about your company.**:
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